Conference sites in Trier

We would like to introduce you to the following 9 selected conference sites:

The three largest conference sites are the Trier Arena with a capacity up to 4,500 persons, the Fairgrounds Hall with 3,000 seats, and the Trier Europa Hall with accommodation for a maximum of 1,200 people.

In the overview as well as in the detailed description, we give you the most important facts, the location on the city map, and photos of the site to facilitate your planning.

Overview of all the conference sites

Location Largest room Maximum number of persons with seating: theater style Maximum number of persons with seating: classroom style
Arena Trier Große Halle 4,500 1,750
Messepark Trier Saal 2,920
Europahalle Trier Saal Metz + Gloucester 1,200 580
Uni Trier Audimax 550
FH Trier Aula 500
IHK Tagungszentrum Tagungsraum 1+2+3 360 120
ERA Conference Centre Konferenz I + II 340 150
Römerstadt youth hostel Kaisersaal + Porta-Nigra 160 80
Europ. Sportakademie S1 + S2 130 50
Arranged according to the size of the individual rooms

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