Adventure Performance

Enter into the city’s history and travel into the past in the Porta Nigra, the Imperial Baths, or the Amphitheater during one of our four adventure performances.

The Secret of the Porta Nigra

A thrilling journey through the millennia with a centurion – splendid in his parade uniform – through the Porta Nigra.
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Gladiator Valerius

Gladiator Valerius shows his guests the Trier Amphitheater and narrates from his daily life as a gladiator.
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The Devil in Trier

A “fabulous” adventure performance through the mystical Middle Ages. Visit as many as four eerie locations in the evening.
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Deadly Intrigue

Architect Nubius, former slave who secretly observed the murder of the Empress, gives you insights into the unscrupulous power politics of the Emperor, the social structure of the Empire, and the architecture of Roman Antiquity.

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