Half-day Programs

4-hour tour "2000 Steps - 2000 Years of History" with admission into the Porta Nigra, the Roman Imperial Throne Room, and the Imperial Baths. After 2 hours, opportunity for light meal or coffee break

4-hours of sightseeing in the tour "In the Footsteps of Emperor Constantine" take the visitor to Trier Cathedral, the Bishop's (Cathedral) Museum, the Roman Archaeological Museum (Landesmuseum), the Roman Imperial Throne Room, and the Imperial Baths.

The tour "The Romans as Master Builders and Craftsmen" explains Roman building technology and ancient crafts.

"UNESCO World Heritage Sites - Roman Structures and Churches" - the structures placed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage in 1986 will be presented in all their special aspects. Duration: about 4 hours


Half-day fee (4 hours): € 180.00 (German), € 190.00 (other languages)
Each additional hour: € 40.00

All admission prices on request. All programs can be booked through Tourist Information Trier. General travel and booking terms and conditions of the Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH - Tourist Information apply. Tour guide fees are subject to change.

"The Luxurious Life of a Roman Patrician" – the tour leads through the Amphitheater, built in the 2nd century AD. This place of entertainment was erected for gladiator and animal fights and seated about 20,000 spectators. The tour will also view the large, still accessible cellar located under the arena floor. Afterwards, the tour dives into “Roman Bathing” with the example of the Forum Baths. The history of Viehmarkt Square begins in a period before this former livestock market existed. A Roman residential section from the 1st century AD was followed by a large Roman structure where the inhabitants of the Imperial residence August Treverorum could enjoy the amenities of Roman bathing culture in the 3rd and 4th centuries.
Duration: 3 hours, guide fee: € 140.00 (German)
Admission price: € 3.50 per person in groups (Forum Baths), € 3.50 per person in groups (Amphitheater)

The original Trier winery competitions - Explore with your group the activities of wine-growing in a challenging competition, which strengthens your teambuilding process and ensures a fun-filled and exciting day. Which team handles a corkscrew best? How many questions about wine can you answer in a certain time? Give proof of your manual skills when assembling a wine barrel and show your aiming accuracy in our grape throwing contest. During all these games try to collect as many Oechsle points as possible. The winning team will be the proud owner of our winemaker certificate, but all participants will have a fine wine tasting and a tour through the vineyards after their tiring challenge!
Duration: about 4 hours, Location: Trier
Participants: 25 people (less on request)
Price per person: from € 58.00

Torchlight Walk on the Wine Culture Trail - among the unforgettable experiences representing our city is the evening walk with torches on the Wine Culture Trail followed by a wine tasting at a vintner’s. View Trier in a sea of twinkling lights below and enjoy an expertly commented wine tasting from the vintner following the walk.

Price: Torch walk and wine tasting (6 wines): € 14.50 per person (minimum 25 persons)

Caching à la Carte - In this unique and decent program you will "hike" your food - even with satellite support! As part of an eventful and action-packed rally, several teams are traveling in order to find the components of a delicious menu - and to eat it of course. The devoured path through the historic center of Trier is the most beautiful ambience, which you can imagine for an outdoor meal! Including support service,, geocaching equipment and a 3-course menu with aperitif, digestif and beverages.
Duration: about 4 hours, Location: Trier
Participants: 30 people (less on request)
Price per person: from € 54.90

Information and Booking:

Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH
Tel.: +49 651 9780844, e-mail: kongresse@trier-info.de

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